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Problems at Work?

Resolve Problems at Work

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File a Complaint--Report your workplace problems to The Burkman Project.  Complaint filings are similiar to a creditors report to a credit reporting agency.  This information is used by attorneys and government agencies to locate witnesses and documentation to prove violations of law.   By comparing your profile against the profile of others who file complaints hidden discrimination practices may be uncovered.  Things that you may know, but think insignificant, may be the missing piece to proving violations of law. All complaints remain on file for a period of ten years. The cost of filing a complaint is $10.00

Get Advice--After filing your complaint, talk to a Burkman Project Advocate and discuss options you may have to resolve the problem yourself, or find out how the Burkman Project would address your issues. An initial consultation fee (includes the filing fee) is only $35.00 Consultations are arranged between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Saturday and are limited to 25 minutes.

Hire a Burkman Project Advocate--We are able to resolve over 80% of all issues within ten business days of contacting the employer.  A retainer of $500 is required on all cases and covers the initial filing fee, an initial consultation and four (4) hours of case work.  If, during the initial consultation, you decide not to proceed a refund of the full $500 will be made. 


NOTICE: The Burkman Project does not provide legal advice. Advocates are not allowed to work on a pro-bono or contingency basis.