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Problems at Work?

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Inept Managers Cost Jobs

by P A Burkman

This year problems at work will cost 6 million people their jobs.

Inept, unfair, and unethical managers are the cause of most problems at work .  These inept managers, generally unchecked by their superiors, are responsible for the majority of the financial woes of American businesses today.  Bad management like this doesn't just create problems at work, it can cause catastrophic financial damage to employees forced out of a job during bad economic times. 

While government employees have property rights (ownership) in their jobs, private sector employees do not.  This means that the government must prove "just cause" through due process before an employee can be removed.  Unions have not won such property rights for their members but have obtained contractual rights that force an employer to abide by their own rules when dealing with employees.   However, for the rest of the working public no real protection exists.  EEOC regulations protect only about 600 people a year.  For this reason the Burkman Project was established with the basic principle,   "if  it's  unfair--repair". 

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